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Treasure Rewards Club is the perfect platform for all those looking to have a great time playing some social and fun games. The platform is already home to hundreds of players and you too can become a part of the Treasure Rewards Club family. As you can probably deduce from the name of this platform, there are loads of ‘treasure rewards’ that you stand a chance of receiving once you join the platform. All the ‘treasure rewards’ offered will be explored later on in this guide but first, let’s just get to understand what Treasure Rewards Club is and what to expect once you settle at the platform.

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What is the Treasure Rewards Club?

In simple terms, the Treasure Rewards Club is an online social gaming platform. What makes this platform particularly impressive is that it prioritizes offering social, fun and interactive games. Those who love playing games in which they compete with fellow gamers or even their friends will find the platform highly appealing.

The social, fun and interactive games that players find at the site are either developed by the Treasure Rewards Club operators or partner software developers. The mere fact that some of the games which players find are developed by the team behind the Treasure Rewards Club means that players can expect to encounter some refreshingly new and unique games.

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How to Join the Treasure Rewards Gaming Community

Becoming a member of the Treasure Rewards gaming community is quite straightforward. The very first thing that you need to do is to launch the official site at When the homepage launches, navigate to the header tab and click on the ‘JOIN US’ button. As soon as you click the button, the registration form will pop up. There are two ways in which you can complete the registration form.

Firstly, you may complete the form manually. This simply means you need to type in all the information requested. The requested information refers to your preferred username, email address and preferred password. After providing this information, you need to proceed to check out the Terms and Conditions. If all of the Treasure Rewards Club Terms and Conditions are okay with you, then tap the Ts and Cs button to confirm your satisfaction. Complete the registration process and instantly become the latest member of the platform by clicking the ‘REGISTER’ button.

Alternatively, you can auto-complete the registration form. There are two ways in which you can do this. First, you can simply click the ‘Continue with Facebook’ button. Once you click the button, your Facebook information will be copied and used to auto-fill the registration form. Note that once you use this option, your Facebook user ID and password will automatically become your security credentials for your Treasure Rewards Club account. Second, you can click the ‘Continue with Google’ button. When you click the button, your Google account details will be used in auto-filling the registration form. Inadvertently, your Google details such as ID and password will automatically become your security credentials.

An important thing to note is that after completing the registration process, each time you want to access your account, you will need to undertake the login process. This is necessitated by the fact that the platform automatically logs you out of your account after you complete a gaming session.

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