Support Bluetooth T3 X3 Wireless Joystick Gamepad PC Game Controller BT3.0 Joystick For Mobile Phone Tablet TV Box Holder


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Soft Silicone case For Steam Deck Console

This is Soft silicone case it’s all around full cover your thumb sticks ,Silicone friction provides comfortable gripping, prevents slipping while game playing, no more worries for sweaty hands. Very easy to install and remove, fit for lots of models like steam deck console for PS4/ PS 3 / PS 2/ Xbox one /Xbox 360 controller.

Wireless 2.4G Controller

This game controller has no Bluetooth function, no vibration, using mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology! Support all kinds of android devices. Support PC, tablet, TV box, smart TV, for PS3. With the human body curve design, you won’t feel tired even if you are addicted to the game for a long time!

Support Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad For SONY PS3/ PC

For PC For SONY PS3 Controller. The use of high-performance chips, the gamepad in the game has a better stability, high-precision 360° Rockers, the delay is almost zero, support all kinds of android devices.

Item Description:

Support Bluetooth Game Controller

This Wireless support Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad is a wireless support Bluetooth controller designed for cross-platform use on iphone/Android smartphones and tablets. This new breed of gaming controller brings together a compact and lightweight design with the industry’s best cross-platform capability. Add in a classic, familiar layout and a rechargeable battery, you have the freedom to play!It has the advantage of being able to download the support handle game directly, and it can be connected directly to the phone without ROOT.


For ios phone or TV , the system version above 13.4 cannot be used

Support For Playstation 3

This gamepad can support PS3 console, please note that you need to use 2.4GHz receiver!

High-precision 360° Rocker

This support Bluetooth controller is compatible with all kinds of simulators and games. The most important thing is that it supports dual combat settings. It is suitable for many old and new PC games. It can support Android platform games and some classic games that are familiar to you. Enjoy the big games on the market happily! A lot of popular games for you to choose from, let you enjoy the fun of the game!

Technical Specifications

Low Power Consumption

This game console uses high-performance second-generation physical technology, high-performance 440mAh lithium battery, you only need to charge the handle for 2 hours, you can play 10 hours at full power! When you are having fun, you won’t lose your enthusiasm and helplessness because the handle has no power! If you don’t use the gamepad in time when connected, it will automatically shut down for 5 minutes without any operation, store power for your handle!

Note: When the gamepad is charging, which platform your device is on, which platform’s LED light will flash slowly until the LED is fully lit when fully charged. If the battery is low, the corresponding platform light is also will flash to show your attention!

Multiple Connection Methods

This support Bluetooth control handle is compatible with multi-platform games.

Universal support Bluetooth connectivity means you can play games on support Bluetooth-enabled Android phones and tablets!

It can be used for Android smart phones/iOS/TV boxes/PS3/laptops/PC.

Note: Although this gamepad is support Bluetooth connected, it can be compatible with PC&TV Box&PS3 devices, but you need to match the special receiver when you want to connect the controller to play games through these devices.

High Quality Design

The gamepad is designed with 3D rocker, 360° high precision .

Comfortable cross key design for more flexible and accurate steering!

Ergonomic grip, Non-slip texture, matte feel, long-term grip is not tired.

This controller-style joy pad provides the ultimate control for your favorite games.

Positioning, sensitivity and accuracy are high.

How To Connect

Note: If you enter the wrong mode, please cancel the support Bluetooth pairing before re-entering the pairing mode!

Android phone: In the condition of controller off,hold on pressing X + Home key for 5 seconds,Long press key combination for 5 seconds,four led lights on the handle is in a flash state,turn on cell phone for support bluetooth search,to find the corresponding device, and then click on the matching connection.

Ios phone: In the condition of controller off,hold on pressing Y + Home key for 5 seconds,Long press key combination for 5 seconds,four led lights on the handle is in a flash state,turn on cell phone for support bluetooth search,to find the corresponding device, and then click on the matching connection.

PC or TV box: Insert receiver in to USB port, In the condition of controller off,hold on pressing Select + Home key for 5 seconds,it will be automatically connect. cable connection,hold on START button can directly connect to computer via usb cable.

Function Button Display

LED1=Android V3 mode

LED2=iphone V3 mode

LED3=game lobby mode

High Sensitive Button

All controllers has passed the strict repeat keystrokes test, ensure the good performance of the buttons , provide stability and basically zero game delay.

High quality pressure sensitive D-Pad, 360° without dead zone joystick, high sensibility and accuracy action button, give you the fastest gaming experience

Stable Long Range Connection

Support Bluetooth 3.0 ensures a stable connection without any delay, and offers a range up to 8 meters (26.3 feet), making it possible to enjoy playing from the far side of the room


Package Include

1 X Wireless Gamepad

1 X USB Cable

1 X User Manual in English and Chinese

1 X Adapter(Depending on your choice)

1 X Gamepad Holder Stands(Depending on your choice)

The maximum size of the holder can be 85mm.

Customer Reviews

Additional information

Weight 0.210 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 7 in
Brand Name


Compatible Brand/Model


Compatible Sony Model


Trigger Button Type



Mainland China



Interface Type


Compatible Platform

Android, IOS




For playstation3 controller


For Android Smart phone

Function 1

Gaming Accessories

Function 2

Wireless Game Controller

Function 3

Game controller for pc

Function 4

Support Bluetooth

Function 5

Pc joystick

Function 6

Support Smartphone/Tablet/PC/TV Box

Function 7

For Android TV box gamepad

Function 8

For PS3 Wireless Gamepad

Function 9

For IOS below 13.4 version

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