Super Console X Pro Max Dual System 4K HD Video Game Console Support WIFI 50000+ Retro Games 50+ Emulators For PS1/N64/DC/PSP


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Super Console PC Lite


Support 104 game collections, support multiple emulators, including PS2, WII, CD, SEGA Saturn, built-in 61000+ games, including 5000+ large-scale games. Game system + win10 pro system, support games and office, support windows games, you can download it yourself, with it, you are equivalent to owning a win10 computer and a game console.You can relive the night of Iron Fist with your friends



RG351V Retro Handheld Game Console

RG351V uses an open-source system, With a vibrating motor, and perfectly supports for NDS, N64, DC, PSP, PS1, CPS1, CPS2, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, etc 20 kinds of games format. Support users to download the relevant format of the game.



Super Console X Pro MaxGame List:


Super Console X Pro Max


The latest retro video game console with a lot of retro games, support WIFI connection,Dual System in Console,Amlogic S905X CPU,Pre-installed 50+ Emulators, 50,000+ (256GB) No-repeat Games,Perfect support for PS1/N64/DC/NDS/MAME .etc



The resolution and ratio of the console will automatically adapt to the display and cannot be modified, otherwise the system will be damaged.
Do not upgrade the System version by yourself, otherwise the system will be damaged. We will upload the video of the upgraded system to YouTube , please follow YouTube.

How to Switch the Double System in Super Console X Pro Max.

Gaming to Android Media System: Press the Gamepad “Start” Button–Choose the “Quit”—“Reboot From NAND”—“YES”.
Android System to Gaming:Using the Remote to find the “My APPS”—“LibreELEC”—“OK”.(if shows USB drive Connected”,Pls press the “Return” Button on Remote)

Reminder: The remote control cannot be used in the game system, it only works on the Android system, and the controller can work on the game system.


Strong heat dissipation function


The console has a radiator and a color fan to make the motherboard work in a better environment, with a temperature between 49 and 55°C. The machine runs more smoothly. No Caton



EE 3.9 and Android 7.1 system all in one


The newly upgraded dual system integrates the game system and the Android system into one. You can spend time playing games with your family and friends, and you can watch videos online, which is a good choice for leisure and entertainment.


Built-in 50+ emulators, pre-installed 50000+ retro games

The console is pre-installed with 50+ emulators, which can run PS1/N64/DC perfectly. Built-in 50000+ games, no need to install by yourself, plug and play, open the game time at any time.



Steps to Download the Game


1. Please download DiskGenius.exe first.

2. Download game files.

3. Connect the TF Card to the computer with a card reader.

4. Copy the game files to the corresponding folder of roms(the name of the emulator).

5. Insert the card into the console, and then connect the console and turn it on.

6. Find your game and start playing.



Support application download and update


Support TV, Movies,and viewing information online by YouTube Google and Facebook



Upgraded S905X chip


Equipped with an upgraded S905X chip, this chip is more powerful than RK3326, with a 4-core 64-bit CPU, 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, and supports 4K 60FPS video decoding and HDR processing. S905X supports Google VP9 4K decoding, and supports larger encoding blocks and more color spaces.



HD Output


Support HD output, output pixel 1080/720P picture is clearer.



Support network to download games


Support WIFI and LAN to connect to the network, you can download games online, or watch TV online



Support multiple languages


Support more than 20 languages, such as English, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc., you can freely switch the background language



Support Multiplayer Games


Equipped with two wireless controllers, you can enjoy the game with friends and family at any time.



2.4G Wireless Controller Gamepad


Classic style, double mode, double joysticks, double shoulder keys, support more games.

Support 8-10 meters long-distance signal transmission, without wire, gaming more enjoyable.



Additional information

Brand Name






Color Display


Touch Screen


Model Number

Super Console X Pro Max




Video game console


33000/41000/50000+ Games


Wi-Fi and LAN


Amlogic S905X, 4-core 64 bit 1.5GHz


5-core Mali-450, 4K@60fps

Console System:

EE 3.9 and Android System


1GB RAM. 64GB/128GB ROM, Max to 256GB

Emulators inside:

Built in 50+ Emulators

HD Output:



Support 20+ Languages for Switch


Most Support 5 Players Playing Games


Built in WiFi, Support Network

opular Game Format:

Perfect for PS1/DC/PSP/N64 etc.

Family Console:

Online Media Function

TV BOX Function:

Support Watching TV Online

Function 1:

Plug and play

Function 2:

TV video games/TV consoles

Function 3:

Retro game console

Function 4:

Video Game Consoles


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