How to Play Orion Stars Sweepstakes Games

Orion Stars Sweepstakes

In early 2023, a unique online sweepstakes platform titled Treasure Rewards Club opened shop. This sweepstakes and fish game platform primarily focused on offering fish table type games. With the popularity of fishing games increasing by the day worldwide, Treasure Rewards Club is becoming a haven for all lovers of fishing games.

Well, like any other operation whose exploits are successful, Treasure Rewards Club saw it fit to diversify its operations. In doing so, it no longer remained as an exclusive fishing games online playing platform. Rather, it started to offer a whole lot of other games which include online slot machines and table games. However, these new games weren’t offered on the same medium as fishing games. Rather, Treasure Rewards Club opened dedicated game rooms. It’s in these game rooms that players find the new games. One such game room is dubbed Orion Stars Games. 

In this article, we are going to expose and explain what Orion Stars Games game room is, what it entails and the games you can find inside. Before that, however, let’s get to see how you can find this game room on the Treasure Rewards Club site.

Games Available Inside the Orion Stars Games Room

The Orion Stars game room offers all sorts of highly exciting and entertaining games. The games offered are so varied that they appeal to different kinds of players. Simply put, whether you are into fishing games, table games or online slots, you are well taken care of. 

Perhaps the most impressive attribute of this game room is not the sheer high number of varied games offered. Rather, what’s impressive is that all the games are designed using sleek and exquisite graphics – in some instances, 3D graphics were used. Owing to this, players are guaranteed an immersive experience when playing these games. It’s like you have just walked inside a Las Vegas casino when you enter the Orion Stars game room.


Round Up

When it comes to the Orion Stars game room, all we can say is that this is a haven for all players. This is necessitated by the fact that once you enter the lobby, you find all sorts of highly exciting and enterprising games. These range from fishing games, and online slots to table and card games. All of the games are highly immersive hence they make you feel like you are playing inside a real land-based Las Vegas Casino! 

Lady Playing Fish game

Key Features Available at Orion Stars Games

  • Interactive Features: At Orion Stars, all players are given the freedom to interact with each other during their gaming sessions. From texting to communicating via gifs and emojis, everything is accepted. However, players just need to make sure that their communication falls within the stipulated guidelines according to the moderators/admin.  
  • Readily Available Customer Support Platforms: Once you enter the Orion Stars lobby, you are no longer reliant on the Treasure Rewards Club customer support platforms. While inside the lobby, you can easily and conveniently seek support without leaving the lobby. Just head over to the ‘Support’ lobby and you can instantly get all the help you need. 
  • Progressive Jackpots: While the games inside the Orion Stars lobby aren’t all linked to the progressive jackpots, a good number of them are. What’s most impressive about the progressive jackpots is that you do not need to do anything to win, all you need is to play the linked games and you can win the jackpots at random! 

How to Play Orion Stars Sweepstakes Bonus Games

  1. Start by launching the official site available at 
  2. When the homepage loads, you need to navigate to the header tab and click on the ‘Login’ button. Doing this allows you to access your account. If you haven’t set up your account yet, you can easily do so by clicking the ‘Register’ button and proceeding to provide all the details requested. Note that you can also link your Facebook/Google account for an automatic registration process
  3. When you have accessed your account, the next step is to scroll down on the landing page until you locate the ‘Register for Bonus Win Game Rooms’ button on the mid-section 
  4. Below the ‘Register for Bonus Win Game Rooms’ tab, you will see all available game rooms including the Orion Stars Games game room 
  5. Click the first tab that is, the ‘+Games -OS’ to open the Orion Stars Games lobby
  6. Inside the Orion Stars Games lobby, you will find two buttons presented. First, there is the ‘Download’ button. You click this button only if you prefer to download and install the free to download Orion Stars Games app. This app allows you to play all of the available games inside the game room. The alternative button you will find is the ‘Play Now’ button. You click this button if you prefer to play on the web. Regardless of whether you choose to play on the web or via the app, you are assured of the same exciting and entertaining gaming experience

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